London Donovan Disposable Vape Pens


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London Donovan DISPOSABLE THC VAPORIZER (0.300ml) . From the creative minds over at London Donovan Extracts comes the disposable vape pen. That’s right, disposable. Finished are the days of high-priced electronic vaporizers, the folks at LD Extracts conceived this easy to carry, highly-efficient pencil-like vape-pen. According to the lab results from their analysis, all their products are “Filled with high potency (90%+ Δ9 THC) THC distillate. Flavoured with ‘designer’ strain specific terpenes.” Which in layman’s terms means “Super clean tasting and Potent”.

Flavours are distributed RANDOMLY. Favours ARE NOT available upon request!

Sour Tangie
Grand Daddy Purple
Pink Kush
Girl Scout Cookie
Jack Herer
Northern Lights
Sunset Sherbet
White Widow
Cherry Pie


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